Barak Kushner (バラク・クシュナー) (顧若鵬)

University of Cambridge, ケンブリッジ大学, 劍橋大學

Selected Works

This book examines how factions of Nationalists and Communists within China structured the war crimes trials in ways meant to strengthen their competing claims to political rule. On the international stage, both China and Japan propagandized the tribunals, promoting or blocking them for their own advantage.
The only English language book to delve solely into Japanese wartime propaganda history.
This is a book from a major Japanese newspaper looking out over the last eighty years of Japanese history and analyzing the role media plays in the formation of history. The work includes extensive company archival material and key interviews with journalists involved in critical moments of 20th century Japanese history from 1926-1989.
Book Chapter
This research considers some of the ways in which sweets increasingly came to be incorporated into the everyday lives of Japanese people, as an indicator of rising levels of "modernity."
Overview of Japan's efforts to market and promote the 1940 Olympic games in Tokyo that never took place
An analysis of Japanese wartime kamishibai and the market for children's propaganda
Book chapter
A different look at empire and juvenile delinquency in the Far East.
Academic Journal Article
"Ghosts of the Japanese Imperial Army: The ‘White Group’ (Baituan) and Early Post-war Sino-Japanese Relations,” Past and Present, volume 218, suppl 8 (Transnationalism and Contemporary Global History), (2013), p. 117-150.
Article on John Provoo, Japan and the Cold War in the US
How history influences politics and culture in Taiwan, Japan and China
See my co-authored, award-winning article on Japanese wartime radio propaganda.
Article about Japanese media "hero" and crime
See my essay on Alan Marcuson's fantastic collection of imperial Japanese textiles.
Online Article
Brief Article
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Media, Propaganda and Politics in 20th-Century Japan (with a foreword by Funabashi Yoichi)

This is the Japanese book my team is translating into English. It will be published in the spring of 2015.

Meet the Asahi translation team.
On the team are a fine crew of translators: Polly Barton (independent translator), Angelika Koch (University of Cambridge), Sam Malissa (Yale University), Sherzod Muminov (University of Cambridge), Craig Smith (University of British Columbia), and Sara Osenton (University of Toronto). Not pictured was Asa Yoneda (independent translator).

This book is an abridged translation of the Asahi newspaper edited volume on media and history, originally titled in Japanese:
朝日新聞「検証・昭和報道」取材班: 『新聞と「昭和」』