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The world is still trying to understand what went on in Japan's "Lost Decades," a topic that has become all the more relevant as much of the west succumbs to Japan-style problems of deflation and low growth. This collection of essays by experts in their field will help the reader pick through this important subject. For readers seeking to understand Japan and for ones wondering whether "Japanization" is coming to a country near them, this should prove a fascinating read.
--David Pilling, Financial Times

This book contains a superb and timely collection of essays on the troubles Japan has been having, economically and politically, since the 1990s. The period coincides with the ending of the Cold War and the acceleration of economic globalization. The studies show how a nation that seemed to fare so well during the Cold War has stagnated in a globalizing world. As the editors note, Japan's example could be followed by other countries and deserves serious attention.
--Akira Iriye, Harvard University, USA

Get the Japanese version here.