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Media, Propaganda and Politics in 20th-Century Japan (with a foreword by Funabashi Yoichi)

This is the Japanese book my team is translating into English. It will be published in the spring of 2015.
Meet the Asahi translation team.

On the team are a fine crew of translators: Polly Barton (independent translator), Angelika Koch (University of Cambridge), Sam Malissa (Yale University), Sherzod Muminov (University of Cambridge), Craig Smith (University of British Columbia), and Sara Osenton (University of Toronto). Not pictured was Asa Yoneda (independent translator).

This book is an abridged translation of the Asahi newspaper edited volume on media and history, originally titled in Japanese:
朝日新聞「検証・昭和報道」取材班: 『新聞と「昭和」』