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Asia-Pacific War Crimes Trials Television Documentary Series 《亚太战争审判》

The shows can now all be seen online however sites get moved around. The documentary series won a Gold medal in the 42nd American  2021 Telly Awards. The China-related episodes are 5, 7 and 8 and there are English and Chinese langauge versions. If the links below no longer work, please search around and they will easily be locatable somewhere else. 


Episode 5, 亚太审判:万劫难归  (Attack on the Innocent)


Episode 7, 亚太审判:良知救赎  (Justice Redeems Us All)


Episode 8, 亚太审判:人性召唤  (An Appeal for Humanity)


I was the host and narrator for three of the eight episodies from a documentary series on postwar war crimes trials of the Japanese, produced by the Shanghai Media Group. These were broadcast in Chinese and English on Chinese television, first in September 2020. Now available to view online or on DVD.